Building and maintaining a great online reputation is vital for any business. Whether you’re trying to build your brand and drive traffic to your website or protect and repair your online reputation, it’s essential to avoid making these simple mistakes.

Not Building a Positive Online Reputation

Before you take any action to manage your online reputation, start by thinking about what your online reputation is like right now. Try to figure out if your brand has any negative reviews or if you have any PR disasters. With a clear view of your current online reputation, you can start creating a plan to change the way people think about you.

Not Focusing on Important Reputation Management Tasks

You can do many different things to manage your reputation, but some tasks can be more effective than others. So, before you take action, it’s important to know what tasks are the most important. 

Search engines like Google, for example, place a lot of importance on social media signals. So, it’s crucial to spend time and money working on your social media presence. You may also need to focus on specific tasks like getting local business citations, repairing negative reviews, and responding to customer complaints.

Focusing on Irrelevant Reputation Management Tasks

Once you’ve worked out the most critical reputation management tasks, you need to make sure you’re focusing on the right tasks. Try to avoid jobs like managing your website’s SEO. While SEO plays a substantial role in building your online reputation, it’s not the best reputation management task you can focus on. Ideally, you should focus on reputation management techniques that are most relevant and important to you and your business.

Failing to Control Your Negative Reputation

Bad reviews, negative comments, and complaints can really hurt your online reputation. When you hear that someone has posted a negative comment online, the last thing you want to do is ignore it.

Instead, you need to act quickly and address the bad review, complaint, or complaint. This could include reaching out to the person and offering a refund or a free product, or it could be as simple as acknowledging the problem and vowing to resolve it. If you don’t respond, the person who posted the comment will move on and forget about you.

Not Responding Quickly to Negative Reviews

The longer it takes you to respond to a bad review, the worse your reputation will become. If you don’t react quickly to a bad review, the other person will move on and forget about you. Worse, they may share their bad experience with others. Additionally, if you don’t respond to their complaint, you’ll lose a valuable opportunity to improve a negative situation.

Failing to Respond to Search Engine Complaints

If you receive a terrible review in the form of a complaint to a search engine like Google, you need to respond to the complaint as quickly and efficiently as possible. Google is known for monitoring complaints and customer feedback, and if you don’t respond, you could be penalized.

Not Using Negative Feedback as an Opportunity

If you receive some negative feedback, don’t just ignore it. Instead, use it as an opportunity to improve your business. Monitoring your reputation allows you to identify customer issues and fix customer problems. As a result, you can build stronger relationships with your customers and reduce the likelihood of other negative feedback.

Not Monitoring Your Reputation

Monitoring your reputation is an integral part of any reputation management strategy. Not only does it allow you to identify problems as quickly as possible, but it also gives you a chance to resolve issues before they cause more damage.


There are plenty of ways to manage your online reputation. However, you can also avoid some simple mistakes when using the right strategies. There are clear benefits to building and maintaining a positive online reputation. 

On the other hand, there are apparent drawbacks to making these common reputation management mistakes. Avoid these simple mistakes if you want to create a strong brand and protect your online reputation.

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