Effective email marketing hinges on your marketing initiatives being in sync with your SEO campaign. If you’re looking to learn more about how email marketing can help SEO optimization for your website, continue reading to discover more.

How Can Email Marketing Help SEO? A Quick Beginner’s Guide

Essentially, email marketing is an opt-in process where subscribers are on your email list for the sole purpose of receiving your emails. Your subscribers have opted to receive your emails. Here’s the catch: you have to have content in your emails that will prove to be valuable and helpful to your subscribers.

You can think of email marketing as a direct line to your customers. You can send out emails that are helpful and informative, and you can send out emails that offer sales and discounts. Therefore, email marketing can help you gain leads and sales.

With the right email subject lines, you can also get your email in the inbox and not in the dreaded spam folder. Your corporate email servers were set up in a way that allows your emails to be delivered to your subscribers. A good email marketing agency can help you set up an email list, create an email marketing system that works for your business, and help you create audience-specific email campaigns. This is where email marketing can help in the SEO arena.

We’re going to explore how email marketing can help your SEO efforts by discussing the following topics:

Here’s precisely how email marketing can help your SEO efforts:

1 – Drives New Traffic

By using an email marketing campaign in conjunction with SEO, you can gain more traffic to your site. An email campaign can have links to your website, links to other pages on your website, and links to your social media sites. If a subscriber clicks on those links and it leads them to your site, the search engine will notice, and your website will start to rise in the rankings.

2 – Directs Customers to Content They’re Invested In

You want to cater to your customers’ needs. If they are engaged, they will visit your site more frequently. This helps your search engine optimization efforts in that it shows the search engine that your site is relevant to your customer’s needs. This can help your search engine rankings.

3 – Gives Customers the Opportunity to Share

Email marketing allows your customers to tell their friends and family about your business, thereby increasing your social media followers and increasing your presence in search engines.

4 – Can Boost Sales

The end goal is to boost sales. The more sales you have, the more visibility you have on the search engines.


Email marketing can help your SEO efforts if you’re doing a good job with your marketing efforts. If you’re not doing a good job with your marketing efforts, then you’re doing yourself a disservice by using email marketing to try to get your website to rank.

However, if you are doing a good job with your marketing efforts, which are the first three pillars of the five-pillar strategy of search engine optimization, then email marketing will help those efforts by creating more visibility for your website.

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