Ever since the first email was sent in 1971, Internet users have tried to find ways to maximize the potential of this new medium. One of which was using email to market to potential clients and boost sales. 

But why use email instead of TV, print, or even online channels to promote your products and services? Here are six interesting benefits of email marketing for small businesses:

Better Subscriber Management

TV advertising has little to no hold on a brand’s customer base. Social media has a better grip on this concern but is still subject to censorship and community guidelines. If Facebook or Instagram deem your content in violation, they will shut down your page, automatically removing your entire subscriber base.

With email marketing, on the other hand, you have the most control over subscriptions since you handle this list from a service such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, or MailerLite. You can observe their activity on your newsletters and promos and carry them over should you switch email providers.

Better ROI

Think email marketing isn’t for you? Check out this research: you can get up to 122 percent ROI using this method. That’s four times higher than other digital marketing tactics!

Track your email campaign ROI with this formula:

Gross profits from email marketingEmail marketing costs / Email marketing costs

Increased Sales

Email campaigns boost sales by conveniently informing customers about new events, promos, or products directly in their inboxes. These newsletters or messages often come with direct links to the page where consumers can purchase online. And with companies and brands shifting their commerce to digital means, that means it’s easier for your audience to buy online and you to increase sales!


Companies and brands don’t just have a target audience. They have target audiences that vary from age range. That’s why they can develop a wide variety of products and services according to their needs.

The beauty of email marketing is that you can segregate your audience by the campaigns you make. Have a promo on baby care items, adult appliances, and teen books? Don’t lump all of them together in one newsletter. Create one per section of your audience and send it to that email list. It will be easier for customers to decide since you’ve narrowed down the choices for them.

Better Customer Relations

Promos and products are not the only topics for email campaigns. You can also leverage email marketing for other messages such as a year-end report, sustainability initiatives, CSR or PR announcements, or a simple thank you to customers for their patronage and support.

Customers receiving content like these is like hearing back from a dear friend about the ups and downs of their life and showing how strong that bond is, even if electronically. Not only does this build credibility, but it also strengthens the relationship between business and customer.


Perhaps the best benefit of email marketing is its relative cost-effectiveness in time and money. Providers such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, and MailerLite offer free packages up to a certain subscriber base number, meaning you can send campaigns to your customers for free each month! You don’t have to pay for a subscription, and their interfaces are easy to learn!

Want to notify customers about a limited-time promo? Create a campaign and hit “Send”! No need to boost advertising on social media to spread the word. Remember: it goes straight to their inboxes!

Last Thoughts

If you thought emails were an ineffective way to grow your business, we hope this article has made you think twice. Email marketing is a valuable tool to create meaningful relationships with your customers, leading to increased sales and ROI. Just remember these six interesting benefits, and your small business could become a successful corporation in no time!

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