It’s no secret that the holidays are a highly lucrative season for both online and offline retailers. According to the National Retail Federation, many businesses earn 20% to 30% of their annual profits during the holiday season.

Because of its high return on investment, email is a popular channel for holiday marketing initiatives. With the potential of boosting your sales amid a single shopping season, it’s more crucial than ever to plan how your holiday email marketing will stand out among the sea of advertising.

We are here to help! Here are four tactics you may use to boost the success of your Christmas email marketing campaign.

1. Know What Works for Your Target Market

Focusing on what you’ve previously done effectively is a brilliant starting point for your Christmas email marketing. If feasible, start by reviewing the prior year’s statistics, such as opens, clicks, and conversions.

Try to figure out why some emails were effective and apply the same method again. This might be due to the offer, the subject line, segmentation, or email scheduling, among other things. 

Remember, it’s just as vital to figure out why anything went wrong so you can avoid it next time.

2. Create A Well-Thought-Out Christmas Email Campaign Timetable

To make the most of the holidays, start arranging your email marketing calendar early in the year and give yourself ample time to prepare all the important elements.

While some marketers have embraced the advice not to wait until the last minute to start their holiday email marketing, some have gone too far!

The practice of sending many retail emails well before the regular Christmas shopping season can lead to email fatigue—sending too early risks people outright ignoring your communications. It’s more imperative than ever to schedule emails wisely if you want to keep your subscribers engaged at the right time.

3. Use Segmentation to Personalize Holiday Email Messages

A customized and targeted Christmas email will generate far more engagement than a generic holiday email blitz. The most efficient strategy to adapt messaging to a customer’s interests and purchase patterns is to segment your contacts.

Here are some suggestions for efficient Christmas email marketing segmentation:

  • Discount Aficionados: Identify clients who often (or only) use voucher codes to engage your most price-sensitive customers. Similarly, by creating this group, you’ll be able to avoid giving discounts to subscribers who are eager to buy products at full price. 
  • Subscriber Interests: Segment subscribers into groups based on prior purchase categories or website areas visited.
  • Year-round vs. Seasonal Shoppers: Year-round and seasonal customers have distinct relationships with your business. Consider their individual requirements and motivations when planning your next follow-up campaign’s frequency, topic, and timing.

4. Use Marketing Automation to Tap into the Right Market 

The best approach to enhance email open rates and engagement is to send the right message to the right people at the right time. And for Christmas email marketing services, marketing automation is your secret weapon.

To get the most out of your Christmas emails, use these automated strategies:

  • Create A Seasonal Welcome Email: You’ll likely get new subscribers signing up during the holiday period. To maximize your expanding base, set up a welcome email with a particular discount or holiday theme. This will help persuade a curious shopper to make a purchase. 
  • Develop Abandoned Cart Automation Workflows: Cart abandonment is expected during the Christmas season; creating abandoned cart emails is even more critical for securing purchases.
  • Use Lead Scoring to Target Warm Leads: Using customer interaction information and scoring contacts can help you build consumer profiles and guide segmentation. You’ll know which contacts are the most engaged, and you’ll be able to customize your holiday email content appropriately.


You still have time to plan and launch your Christmas email marketing campaigns. By following these guidelines, your business can take advantage of the opportunities presented by the holiday season. You can partner with a digital marketing agency in Boise to help you out.

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